Mauritius - disappointment?

Everyone has some anticipations when it comes to visiting particular places, especially if they are known to be 'paradise on earth' for wide range of people. You don't need to or can try to avoid having them, but they always crawl out somehow. This time was not an exception.

Almost there, London by the Indian Ocean ;)

MAURITIUS -> west part of the Indian Ocean, Republic of Mauritius officially. Along with Rodriguez and Reunion, they form part of the Mascarene Islands.
51.9% Hinduism. Languages spoken: Mauritian Creole, Bhojpuri dialect of Hindustani, French and English. I would say - English little, French - much more. Very Indian, the only difference is - the island ;)

So when approaching this island, miraculous to most of people, we felt like it was to be something 'big' for us too. Promptly the reality cleared all the expectations though. It might have been due to us being already a bit spoiled with unforgettable placed we visited so far, I admit. But still.

Making a long story short - we were not amazed with Mauritius. For me it was my last stop before heading back off to Europe and for Jay - a layoff before the further voyage.

Some photo-relation from what we have seen after setting a foot on the Mauritius' land:

This scenery was definitely one of the most enjoyable ones; one of the peaks in the neighborhood. For me, the one and only beautiful place in Mauritius:

stepping upon wild ginger
fairy passage

I do not claim that Mauritius has nothing to offer whatsoever. Nevertheless if I was to choose among holiday-destinations I wouldn't go for it as a first shot. Here are the rest of the few shots I took during my 3 days stay:


hopefully it's native - fluffy leaves!

So here was my last stop and I gladly headed off to Europe looking forward to take rest from living out of a suitcase and slow down a bit, enjoy the "home sweet home"after return. :)

Jay from there set off to Reunion, a French island more far off to the west-south, but closer to Africa:

More exciting views to come! From there on - alone though.


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