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..time is passing by with such velocity!So..yes - I´m during my dreamed project in Spain, Ourense. Working for Friends of the Earth in Galicia (Amigos da Terra). Uhh, loads to say, but no point in mentioning everything though (would take to many precious paragraphs). I´m really happy to be here, really, so many new things: cultural, landscape, from daily living... Irreplaceable. Getting to know so many different stuff everyday! So far it was mostly: office time but, separately from the "work", I had so many opportunities to travel that I grabbed, even if I´ve been here just for 2,5 month. Galicia is really picturesque, a bit too rainy for my taste (I wasn´t expecting it to be THAT constantly rainy hehe). Recently the weather changed for the better but we will see how it goes with the time. Apparently the summer is supposed to be infernal, is said to be comparable with Andalucia. Ohh My God!! I´ll have to find the way to escape these insupportable conditions ;)

Let´s see how t…