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Maharashtra - here we come! :)

What we decided afterwards was to finally start going downwards, towards the South. Our next destination point on the map was: Banswar, simply because it lies on a way to Ajanta caves which we were going to visit next. But, as it happens quite often,it turned out to be a fairly big city, not much people spoke English there though. Yet if they did, it was not very useful, the prices they were wishing for a room for one night were not corresponding much to what we expected, hence.. we just passed Banswar and carried on going hoping to find something reasonably cheap on the way. And as it usually happens once we started losing hope, a 'little' town came along. So since we had already stumbled in we decided to be consistent and look for a place to stay defintely this time, as the sun was already setting down. Despite the worrying problems in communication, again, after quite a long while, we found a boy (or he found us, is better to say) who brought us (on his scooter) to …