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The Bridge on the River Kwai!


In that historic place we had our slow Thailand's farewell. We decided to take it easy and go with the flow without exerting any pressure on ourselves seizing the last chance to see this and that. We enjoyed our stay, finding a nice guest house to begin with – we had a raft-room floating on the river :D where even a monitor lizard didn't refrain himself from paying us a visitone afternoon ;) It was scorching, the sun was not giving us any relief whatsoever, so we were watering our fatigued bodiesunceasingly and pampered ourselves with iced drinks as often as possible. By and large, we spent those days on eating last pat-thai's, watching incredibly absorbing “The Vikings” series (which I fell in love with relentlessly!) and, as a paramount purpose of our visit, undertook a day-trip jumping on a train which passes through the famous bridge over the river Kwai. Historical spot not to be missed! Again, the views behind the glass-less windows were mind smashing and …

Exploring northern thereabouts!

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai
Chiang Mai

Once we got back to the city, we had it planned to rent motorbikes out to wade out a bit. So we did. We went to the National Park, about 70 km away, having a nice full-day ride on our semi-automatic scooters ;) It was truly amazing, we had the road all to ourselves (almost), especially through the further part of the park while plodding up on winding roads, surrounded with a dense, stunningly juicy-green forest. I couldn't help myself smiling all along the way, I really enjoyed it, so did J. We had a great time, popping by beautiful waterfalls (the last one, in particular, blew our minds completely!), eating some deep-fried squash from the local market, and some pat-thai (typical Thai dish) in the village we finished our ride before heading back to Chiang Mai. Such an amazing day indeed! And what an enjoyable ride it was, as well. Even though they were just scooters we went for the 'semi-auto' ones at least to have some fun from changing…