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Towards Nilgiri Hills (Mountains)

Karnataka occurred to us very thriving in tropical greenery, thousands of palm trees and extensive dense jungle forests. We went to chill out a bit on a beach, Belekan Beach is were we stayed for a few days, taking nice stroll, full of beautiful views everyday and eating in the restaurant, the only on in the place we stayed. Lovely dishes prepared by the wife of Mr. Prakash and a simple hut just at the sea, made it all play along smoothly and pleasant. Walking out of it we could literally just jump into the water and have a warm, but still refreshing, bath. Nearby beaches were stunning and definitely the best ones we have seen so far! 

Then we headed towards the place where over a century ago Vasco da Gamma landed making a full lap around the world, we couldn't miss it! Unfortunately when we got there, the last boat was on its way to the island (St.Mary's Island) and the next day...there were no people in the morning and we needed at least 8 more to get on the boat (which act…

Indian Flintstone's in Karnataka?


Right after Vipassana we went to Hampi, a mighty Indian kingdom from XIV-XVIth century back. Huge boulders everywhere were making an impression of taken out from the Flintstone's movie, with slightly different ambient, but still;) Astonishing and mind-blowing scenery attracts loads of tourists to that thereabouts, so it was definitely not one of those slow-paced towns forgotten by the world. Totally opposite, but we couldn't complain. That's where we indulged ourselves with Ayurvedic massage for the first time! Hard but good, I undoubtedly needed it after 10 days of upright sitting in a meditation pose – briefly, my back and legs were in pain. We spent about 5 days in that charming town, eating well and having rewarding strolls every now and then.

We saw the elephant Lakshmi being washed in the river there (she's a local attraction for the visitors), walked along the riverside and amongst rice fields.

The walk ended up finding, unexpectedly, an interesting place…