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Gloucestershire motorbike rides!

We went for a ride on Saturday, one of those that we just jump on a bike and head towards some, previously determined, point but being more focused on a trip itself rather than its destination.

Actually we went to Swindon to pop over into the Outdoors store and motorcycle outlet, for we need some equipment for our July's bike-trip to Northern Spain (Basque country hopefully). Unsuccessful shopping it was, unlike the bike ride itself ;)
So this time we somehow came across, in the middle of 'nowhere' (I would say that, without remorse), an event which happened to be a Hot-Rod cars & motorcycles local festival. There, unexpectedly, we got to see the guy who built his unique motorbike e.g. from a pair of aircraft cylinders :O The Flying Millyard it is called, just stunning and unique on the world's scale:

And he was one of the bunch of people who also came along to show off and gaze at others motorbikes and cars :D Incredible.

More selfmade goodies, yumm :)

There you go, I decided I want those blinding beeswax wraps. What are they?  A natural alternative to plastic wrap/cling foil for food storage, so cloths/fabric covered with beeswax for their adherence and usability when wrapping food and keep it fresh. I also wanted to make them myself, thus I talked two friends into DIY 'workshop' at Gina's (one of them) house, we used the recipe you can find here (in PL):
or here (in EN):
... and that is how it came out :) 


 And that's how it looks like as a final product :o) 

It sticks to itself and holds things in quite well, cool stuff!
What we made was enough only for 1 beeswax wrap each, but I am sure we, or at least me, will make more - as it definitely does the job!

Stay tuned! 

Small steps towards mindfulness and zero-waste'ness :)

I haven't actually had in mind or intended to transparently disclose what we do every single minute ;) but I thought it might get useful even for us to have certain things summed up and brought together in such a place like this, accessible and handy.
There are some principles we try to follow in our every day's life, hoping for them to bolster up and engrain for good. So a few things we are into:
- being more mindful about the surrounding environment - making reasonable and aware choices - producing less waste - being productive in a way that what we do should rather enrich than exploit
among a lot of other things, like a wish to become waste-free and sustainable, if not fully then to farthest extent possible.
Anyways, lately we did a few new purchases, apart from making our desk from scrap. Bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal bristles:

They are affordable and really do the job. I bought them here: