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Khuri – Mt Abu – Christmas in Udaipur

Heading down from Jaisalmer to our next stop – Khuri, we stopeed on the Sam Sand Dune – the most famous dune just next to the city, frequently visited by desert safari amateurs and all other ones who, like us, where curious how the REAL desert look like.

We could feel it perfectly in Khuri, were eventually we stayed for 3 whole days. It was brilliant! Surrounded by locals and other guest house visitors (mostly Japanese and Koreans ; they were taking turnes ;) ), we could feel the life plodding along in such a small village just next to the local buisness based on Camel Safaris. Dogs, cows, goats and camels were always around. And kids, always behind ;) We spent 3 peaceful and relaxing days, with long walks and sunsets on a desert, chai's in a local stall and fabulous food served by a family we were staying with. The guest house was run by Arjun's family in small, traditionally made (with clay) huts with thatched roofs. Gorgeous, I was enchanted. They were serving 3 meals a da…

Jodhpur - Jaisalmer

Jodhpur – the blue city (actually its blue color is more contractual)
We met there an Indian photographer and an Irish senior tourist over there (in the guest house we were staying in), who after getting to know each other ended up smoking all night long. Hehe. Pretty fine acquaintance I must admit ;) There was a Japanese guy who didn't really speak any English whatsoever, just a few words, but mostly using his inventive electronic translator to communicate. Anyways, once we met them on a rooftop of our decent place recommended by the Lonely Planet guidebook, we made friends and promised ourselves to see each other in Goa somewhere around mid January. Eventually the next day the Irish guy had to instantly cancel his tickets booked the other day (taking him to another place here in India) and frenetically make a booking for another one and set off the same day to Delhi and then back home because of some business issues. Something was in the air apparently. Despite of his laidback pl…