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Sailing, sailing off!

So.. yeah, I decided to let go of the sequentially kept order on the blog, despite the fact that I really wanted to stay consistent, succeeding so far... Nonetheless I don't know when we're gonna have Internet available again and how it is all going to look like. Therefore - the latest news are:
1. We are moving on a boat today! Wooohaaa :) :) :)
2. The boat is a HUUUUGE and beautiful catamaran called "La Medianoche" (The Midnight): 

3. There's going to be 4 of us: skipper Mareike, Fabi (a guy who sailed with her before), Jay and me :)
4. Still on Bali, we'll be preparing our new home, La Medianoche, for the next few days already staying aboard, to sail off thereafter. There'll be 2 crossings taking about 4-5 days each, without setting foot on the land while getting from one point to another.  None of us have done anything like that before, although J. has a lot more experience than me, sailing whenever it was possible. 

It has been sailed by Mareike - a German…

JAVA island p.II


Our following stop, at friend's friends house ;) Very helpful chaps, facilitated us a room in the flat and a scooter. Very kind of them, and so much easier for us! We were even picked up with a car in the halfway to their house, so nice. From there we headed towards to the Batu Hills and to the foothill of the Anjuno-Welirang, the steamy volcano embedded in such beautiful and staggering surroundings!

That was our first time so close to the volcanic cone, and it was just unrepeatable! Unfortunately we didn't manage to get any closer than that (pictures below), but enjoyed it as if we had done it!