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No problem, no problem!

After almost a week in Delhi we clarified a few things about this place and elaborated some certain rules about how to find ourselves around ;)

1. No problem - means really little, because you never know what are they talking about/referring to ;
2. Couples holding hands are more rare than guys doing the same thing ;
3. Separate carriages for women (in a tube) are normal and fully respected ;
4. How to grab a rickshaw? Negotiate (you MUST know what the real price/value is otherwise it doesn't make sense and you spend hours on trying to get on with a crazy driver) or force them to use a meter (usually fairly impossible..) ;
5. People stopping you on the street can either confuse or help you - you never know :D
6. Everyone, seriously, is staring at you with widely opened eyes as if he saw a person like this for the 1st time in his life (sic!) ;
7. Going cross the street - easy, if you don't afraid millions of cars, motorbikes/bikes and rickshaws approaching you promptly.  
Note: Extend one arm in a "stopping gesture" and go ahead without fear, usually works... (it did so far);

These are the 7 notes for survival in a big, Indian city.
Except the above, we are still fine, enjoying the hot weather (is going to be hotter shortly, about 30C they say.. winter'ish indeed..) and trying to figure out things step by step. It doesn't go too quickly though, neither according to people nor the places we visit/trying to visit (temples closed on Mondays, other stuff on Sundays, few time, different schedules, rush hours and long distances), but we have to get used to it and give us some time to keep up the rhythm, I guess;)

The place we stay in, Nata's flat is fairly spacious and relatively tidy area. Nice one. South Delhi. Overlooking really interesting dwellings, architecture-wise.

terrace view

Gupta - the most popular surname in India, probably.

On a nearby market:

coconut water straight from the crust

We haven't got a bike yet, still making a reconnaissance here and there, full of hope looking forward to have it sorted out soon. We want to leave Delhi and head for an adventure as soon as it's possible.

Ohh! The Indian wedding experience was an unique and unforgettable (surely) experience, one in a life-time ;)
For remembering: ppl from Punjab are really impulsive, loud and vigorous, as an addition there's loads of show-off and splendor amongst them, just to be aware of that. Trully Bollywood'ish wedding I would say.


  1. Wow, so many experiences in such a short time!! Really interesting buildings!
    By the way, you should be used to irregular opening times (and days) after your Spanish experience ;)

    1. I should, but still, if you wanna get sth done asap it's really annoying if you can't and you're so helpless in many situations. Anyway we are trying to take things in our hands. Slowly but surely.

  2. B. protestuje że jest po ang.. a ja sie jaram! buziaki i trzymajcie się Robaczki,

    1. Tam po lewej jest translator (kiepski bo kiepski ale jest), także no :) Dzięki!


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