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Hello Delhi!

So..what to start with?!
We arrived late at night, grabbed a taxi to Nata's home (hectically driven by a half-asleep driver), argued a bit about the price that he brought up at the very end (obviously). We passed by two cows next to the road-barricade, kicking back calmly. Charming. Unfortunarelly, when getting out of the taxi, J.frantically picked up his backpack with a tablet inside, so its screen happily cracked.. Anyways, we got there in one piece, thank god.  

Day 1. The next day we woke up hellishly late but still enjoyed a day to go to the local market (rickshaw^^), exchange some cash, eat some (spiciest ever) pumpkin soup in a rather "european-style" place and go for a birthday party on the roof, somewhere in the Delhi's "posh' area ;) An amazing mix of ppl from all over the world, almost. Interesting from this point of view, and quite tiring considering the music and ambient around, but hey..;) J.was recognized twice by some random guys. Some greeted him gleefully without reason as well, which means there's loads of fame awaiting him apparently! :D

Day 2. We woke up, again, v. late, but managed to go out for a stroll and see amazing surroundings of the borough we're staying in. People preying on the street in small chapels by the road or in the park, two guys laughing out loud as a gym-therapy activity (leaning downwards with the arms up n down a few times in a row, bursting into loud laughter). Astonishing! Then the night fell and we headed back home, spotting another god's celebration (more festive, this time) in the local market (with the incense and bunch of bells). No rickshaws today, but tomorrow there's gonna be another day - probably with a primal need of taking it again, hopefully with a success and no victims indeed. 

PS. I've been invited for one-evening job tomorrow. Playing drums? Hell yeah! Any time. Haha. A review will appear shortly :)

Fingers crossed, we're going to view some bikes tomorrow too (hopefully)!


  1. Great to hear from you! Good luck with the bikes tomorrow! I can't wait to see some photos :)


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