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Basque Country - inland / hilly landscapes

Further on we went. From the seashore we headed inland where a few nice spots awaited us. Every day was brining some new curiosities. From the shore, Gaztelugatxe, we went along the coast down to Bakio to have a coffee and to take a shower on the beach ;) Very refreshing one indeed, as it wasn't too sunny.  Later the same morning we headed towards Burgos, going round Bilbao, to the Nervión waterfall (es)- the biggest waterfall on the Iberian Peninsula, with a single drop of 222 m! Very impressive it was, indeed, although at that time of dry season there was no water at all, to our surprise ;)  Nevertheless the river's canyon itself was just breath-taking and was making you think about the earth's magnitude and grand self-creation forces. 
On the way...

After dismounting the motorbike and a short visit in the visitors centre we took a long, a few kilometers stroll to reach the Nervión waterfall as a furthermost point, the walk's destination.

After the Nervión waterfal…