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On a way to the Arabian Sea. Goa!

Dekan Plateau & The Arabian Sea

We decided to visit Ajanta caves, but the plan changed when, once we got 4km away, somebody told us the following day the caves were closed.. Well, so Ellora caves then. Even better because they're meant to be, between those two, more interesting and prominent ones. So nothing lost, we decided to head towards Ellora the day after (just about 120km in our S direction), the fate watched over us again wanting us to see the better caves at the end :) 
In a nutshell: those mighty caves were made between 350-600AD (that's how long it took to carve them into the steeprock, downwards: from the surface of the slope tothe foothill!). There're 34 intricate and fascinating caves dedicated to Hinduism, Buddism and Jainism. I loved the Buddhist one which resembled an interior of a medieval church with semi-circle naves from both sides, the difference makes a big rock-cut Budda in the middle and the dome-alike ceiling with ribs facilitatingthe sound to o…