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Saga - my little dear fur-baby :)

SAGA. The dog.

Name - derived from the old Scandinavian word expressing a "tale, story", usually associated with mythology and stories about Vikings' voyages. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with tea, and my alleged uttermost love for it, as some have suggested. :P

Rescued from a dog shelter, in Gdańsk (Promyk) in January, the 21st. Must be around 8-10 y.o. according to the people in the dog shelter and the vet I consulted afterwards.
When I first saw her on the shelter's website that's what I saw:
a bit scared, scruffy little black thing.
Something drew me to look the website up, I was lingering such a long time with getting a dog, so I must have thought: When, if not now?
Then I saw her behind the bars, in -8C cold, and went for our first walk together. It probably wasn't the most enjoyable morning she had, as it was quite windy and the freezing cold was getting into the bones. Her little paws were so cold that s…

Jay's pinstriping / "kustom painting" - learning in progress

Jędrek vel. Jay started playing around with a thing called "kustom paint" which fits in to the Kustom Kulture movement. Click here for more reference :)

Quite interesting, good-looking and... very absorbing. Both time- and space-wise. We are having more and more paints and chunks of painted wood around ;))

Here are some samples, attempts of his new hobby:

Some of the nice sneak peeks:

Pretty cool, innit?^^

Happy travels - Exmoor's coast!

For a long weekend, here: 27-29.05, we went to the Exmoor National Park, in north Devon:

On the way, we gave a lift to the friend's family to the Bristol airport and carried on towards the seaside. After in 2/3s of the way we gave up and took a 'quick' 3 hours nap, for it was 6am :D 
Breakfast on the hill's slope:

First place visited - Woody Bay (right past the Lee Abbey Devon):

(Yeah, I learned how to embed a map directly, woohoo ;) )
Right, so we just spent an afternoon there, as it started raining at some point. Although it was a rocky-beach, rather shallow waters for quite a distance from the shore, still v. pleasant and, most importantly for us at the time, dog-friendly :)

In search for the place to settle overnight we found this beach, at Hele Bay, where we decided to stay on a view point with car park and in the morning went for a nice walk on and around the hill on which there's one of the earliest country leisure trails in England:

From the nature trail…