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Saga - my little dear fur-baby :)

SAGA. The dog.

Name - derived from the old Scandinavian word expressing a "tale, story", usually associated with mythology and stories about Vikings' voyages. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with tea, and my alleged uttermost love for it, as some have suggested. :P

Rescued from a dog shelter, in Gdańsk (Promyk) in January, the 21st. Must be around 8-10 y.o. according to the people in the dog shelter and the vet I consulted afterwards.

When I first saw her on the shelter's website that's what I saw:

a bit scared, scruffy little black thing.

Something drew me to look the website up, I was lingering such a long time with getting a dog, so I must have thought: When, if not now?

Then I saw her behind the bars, in -8C cold, and went for our first walk together. It probably wasn't the most enjoyable morning she had, as it was quite windy and the freezing cold was getting into the bones. Her little paws were so cold that she couldn't stand the floor (snow/ice) and kept lifting each of them every now and then and, thereafter, jumping instead of walking. Poor thing, I thought.

I went for 3 introductory walks with her and decided to take her home. I couldn't leave her there. All dogs barking poignantly and heart-achingly all over the place and every time I was leaving her in the cage back again, she was starting to release that terribly woeful squeal I couldn't bear any longer. 

poor scruffy little thing

These are the only pictures I got, because every time I was taking my phone out of the bag it was jamming or running out of battery due to the freezing cold...Here on the pic around -6 to -8 C.

Anyway, she got her comfy liar which she luckily loves:

a few days after getting to her new
home, in Gdańsk

first haircut ;)

And here came the time when a long journey of 3 days, was to begin. Our car-trip :) >>

Yooohoo, moving to England! From the left top corner, clock-wise: Hanover (Germany), Helmond (near Eindhoven, the Netherlands), Dover (the UK) - the cliffs ^^

I might well have named her a sleepy-face, as napping is one of her favorite hobbies :D



A few other pics:

heeey grandma!

when traveling and not puking :P
(usually car sick)

long walks are not her favorite.. knackered! ;)

love ^^

Happy jumping on the fields >> :)

* I didn't know how to turn it around, sorry ;) [ any ideas? ]

It was a veeery hot day at the River Wye (Wales) ... >>


She's got loads of love and care. My sweet little retired pirate :P or 'demented bat', if you prefer (I do, actually, as she looks like one when lying on her back :D).


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