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Hello Thailand!

We re-booked our tickets, changing destinations from Nepal (Kathmandu) to Thailand (Bangkok) due to obvious reasons that commoved the world recently.

Therefore our arrival date is set up for the 15th of May, 2015, just around dawn. Not the best time to arrive in such a big city, but I'm sure we'll find our way to sort everything out as we want it :)

Follow our trail, foot-trail this time, as we gonna backpack, so trains/buses and internal flights will be our means of transport from now on!
Keep yourself on track - there'll be a lot to talk about and bunch of pictures coming up every now and then, I'm sure.

So..keep fingers crossed! :)

Time for sum-up! :)

As everything ends up at certain moment, out journey came to its end as well. After 5 months of harsh traveling, cause I can't call it differently ;), we arrived in Delhi in one piece, on a still working fine bike. We had been anticipating it for quite a while, already fairly tired of what India offers you on a daily basis. Those who've been here before, would probably know what I mean. It doesn't obviously signify that I'm discontent with the whole thing. Not at all! It's been just tiring and we really felt like having a good rest ;)

To live up to what I promised I've done some rough summary of the expenses we had during the whole trip and I added up what we paid before setting off as well. While preparing ourselves for our big trip in Asia we bought some necessary stuff we considered valuable for traveling we were going for. All the gear we bought consisted of: backpacks, gps, trekking shoes, waterproof jacket, head-torches, sleeping bag liners (thin ones), tow…

Varanasi - the holiest city!


As we were getting to the end of our journey we set this destination as the last one to stay longer in. We ended up staying 4 day, due to Jay's stomach problems and me meeting a girl we acquainted with in Sriananda Ashram.  Very nice time there together and some new people we met as well. All in all the city itself, or at least the part we were staying in, appeared to be quite interesting mostly because we were just by the Ganga river staying in a river-overlooking guest house. I went in for morning, sunrise celebration/event, with sth yoga-alike by the river, on a big open-space in one of the ghats. I first time tried laughter yoga, awesome! Then good quality cup of coffee with Linda and Phoebe made my day :) Otherwise we were just hanging out, drinking lassis and eating out, mostly fruits and light-weight, easily digestible stuff. Which obviously didn't make its happy end once Jay ate some heavy rubbish food that one very time.. 
Varanasi happened to be quite a quai…