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Australian Islands


The passage from Bali to Christmas Island as very nice and pretty quick – we got there in 4 nights. I had a slight seasickness, but nothing like throwing up just tiredness and general dizziness. We anchored in Flying Fish Cove, the only place we could actually. There was a huge mining place just next by, phosphorus is what they extract. Although our boat was facing different direction, to the beautiful cliffs with astonishing, decidious forest and plenty of birds hovering around. One day there was Fabi's bday, therefore we rented a 4x4 pick-up and ventured out across the island. We visited some lovely beaches, had a amusing and spellboundstroll along the cliffy coast, had some lunch on the Dolly Beach, where we had to shoo robber-crabs away constantly, cause they where approaching us bringing a lot of trouble to us trying to hide the food on their way or kept displacing those poor (but so huge!) creatures. To my distress and misfortune I, trying to do the right thi…


First impression: still very crowded and full of fantastic temples, looking like outbuildings of each and every single house ;) There was a time change (between Java and Bali, one hour ahead – time zone: GMT+8), so even if it was just close by before crossing over with a ferry, it took us a full day to get ourselves sorted out and get to the destination point – Denpasar, in the southern part of the island. Bali's highlights? We were expecting something more like Goa, taken over by tourists and kind of altered for their needs, so to speak, but not much really. One can obviously find a lot of fancy places and shopping centres (and the like) here, but it's not overwhelming. What actually is is again the amount of vehicles on the streets, but this and the rest remains typical for Indonesia, I daresay.  We finally had a chance to visit Deus Ex Machine! (Bali is one of the few places in the world, where their spot is actually located), and indulge with nice cold drip coffees and pizz…