We live in England, in the countryside for the moment, but moving around quite often. Living out of the city is something we find most pleasant and the window-views are soothing all the worries one may have :)

We are trying to reduce our environmental impact, buy local veggies and eggs as much as possible, tend a little garden - we have a few planting beds for our own (with herbs and veg), we make compost and apple juice (from seasonal apples from the grove) and try to reduce waste - which is not an easy thing, here in this part of the UK at least. Except from traveling scribbles, I will be updating my/our attempts of zero-waste attitude and becoming more and more self-/sustainable. 

Peace! ^^

Me  - Nati

A crazy bun, you all possibly know me so there's not much need to introduce myself. Nevertheless, in case you don't, I'm a tremendously calm person, with loads of patience and life resilience.... naaahh, not quite ;) 
I'm proud of being a postgraduate of two universities, with smaller or bigger success, was a member of a crew in one of the biggest NGO's: Friends of the Earth (Galicia, Spain) getting my head around environmental issues of any kind, traveled around India and across the Indian Ocean (which you will find out more about on this blog) and... I could stop here and will, I guess. :)

Him - Jędras (vel. Pędrak)

Another crazy bun, a bit more cool-headed than me though :) Also a postgraduate, we studied together and so we met, years ago. Bmx rider, motorcycle freak and a sailor since his childhood. Recently getting his head around programming in Python and kustom-painting and pinstriping.
My big support in day-to-day life and most important companion ever.

Anyway you'll surely find out sth more after getting a bit into the content of this blog.

We traveling and why on a motorbike?

We came up with an idea of traveling far far away, but what we needed was money (common scenario, you will say), so.. we planned to leave our current jobs (another well known pattern) and look for...another ones :) but to save money, this time, bigger money and in a different currency.
We picked the UK. After one year I got a placement in the FoE project in Spain and Jędrek stayed in London back then, letting me go. We accumulated sufficient financial backup (theoretically) to be ready to take off to India - our big dream (mine, to be precise), but we customized it and pimped it with the idea of doing it...on a motorcycle - so much more adventurous! But not ANY motorcycle, but ROYAL ENFIELD bike, which we both have been fascinated with. Even more having a perspective of traveling long distances on it!

bulletproof ; will be bought on a site


Done! Ready for The Ride!!

Enjoy the remembrances from the past-travels and more that are soon to come :)

Acknowledgements / support during our India-trip:

Nomaday travel

Our friends (Natalia and Sarune) who set up 
their traveling agency here in India (N.Delhi) 
are supporting us with a reliable advice 
and help/hints during our trip through India. 

It's great to have such a backup, 
especially while first time in such a vast country!


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