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Desk DIY - putting together and finishing off!

So Jay works in a company - furniture producer and distributor. Therefore, he's got possibility for taking scraps, finishing them off at the spot and taking them back home, every now and then. 
Now, he bought back 3 solid boards of oak's wood for building a desk that we were short of in our room. A week or so ago we glued parts together with a special adhesive for wood and cut the parts, so they fit in the room as desired
Further work was done thereafter:

Very rewarding, useful and well looking (don't you think?) and, above all, self made sturdy, solid desk! :)

Frampton on Severn - our new home for the time-being :)

Frampton on Severn - a place chosen rather by coincidence than a thought-through decision. For the moment, no-one complaints though ;)

Here more about the village!

How did we come up with an idea of coming here..? Well, I saw one of Jay's friends "liking" one of our pictures on facebook, of course, at the moment of the greatest doubts and internal-voice saying we have to move on, move together in the first place. Anywhere at all. The guy, Dyzio, was living in Gloucester - small city at the brink of England and Wales, let's say, in the south-west England.
My strivings to settle down in Sweden happened to be unsuccessful at that time, so I convinced Jay to get in touch with his old friend and simply 'ask around'. London seemed to be a far inconvenient place to be or move back to, so we agreed upon moving to the countryside if such opportunity arose. 
And here it was. They were looking for people to work with wood, and within a few days Jay was there to speak to …

Mauritius - disappointment?

Everyone has some anticipations when it comes to visiting particular places, especially if they are known to be 'paradise on earth' for wide range of people. You don't need to or can try to avoid having them, but they always crawl out somehow. This time was not an exception.
Almost there, London by the Indian Ocean ;)

MAURITIUS -> west part of the Indian Ocean, Republic of Mauritius officially. Along with Rodriguez and Reunion, they form part of the Mascarene Islands.
51.9% Hinduism. Languages spoken: Mauritian Creole, Bhojpuri dialect of Hindustani, French and English. I would say - English little, French - much more. Very Indian, the only difference is - the island ;)

So when approaching this island, miraculous to most of people, we felt like it was to be something 'big' for us too. Promptly the reality cleared all the expectations though. It might have been due to us being already a bit spoiled with unforgettable placed we visited so far, I admit. But still…