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The Bridge on the River Kwai!


In that historic place we had our slow Thailand's farewell. We decided to take it easy and go with the flow without exerting any pressure on ourselves seizing the last chance to see this and that. We enjoyed our stay, finding a nice guest house to begin with – we had a raft-room floating on the river :D where even a monitor lizard didn't refrain himself from paying us a visit one afternoon ;)
It was scorching, the sun was not giving us any relief whatsoever, so we were watering our fatigued bodies unceasingly and pampered ourselves with iced drinks as often as possible. By and large, we spent those days on eating last pat-thai's, watching incredibly absorbing “The Vikings” series (which I fell in love with relentlessly!) and, as a paramount purpose of our visit, undertook a day-trip jumping on a train which passes through the famous bridge over the river Kwai. Historical spot not to be missed! Again, the views behind the glass-less windows were mind smashing and the train itself made us feel like if we had shifted back in time:

very folklore ;)

The whole atmosphere got spoiled for a moment when some guy started approaching every passenger taking picture of him/her, and a while later came over again trying to sell it with everybody's own image. A bit cheesy to have such a souvenir, I reckon.;) Anyway, once there, at the final station of the train's route, we went for a few hours walk preceded with huge cups of coffees on ice, taken in a local bar, according to our small, recently elaborated tradition ;)
The village at the dead end of the trail was pretty unimpressive, we took a stroll, went to the waterfall and...that's were our adventures for that day ended.;) Yet, it was definitely worthy to have a ride in the 'over the river Kwai' train^^

...over the river Kwai

like a shift back in time

final stop on our excursion

...sleep when you're dead!

the original part of the bridge is still there

new spans after bombing during the WWII

in a temple nearby

our raft-room's views :)

looking out our veranda

Thai scruffy stalls
(still nothing to compare with the Indian ones ;))

'fishy' street signs ;)

on the streets of Kanchanaburi


I chased after the thunderstorm one day, but couldn't catch up after the lightnings... It was a very gloomy and aloof thunder, but so enigmatically overwhelming, ah!

After Kanchanaburi we had to come back to Bangkok and instead of taking a room for half of a night, decided to head to the airport, without rush (after my last Thai massage and last pat-thai's ;>), in the late evening. 
And that's where our Thai journey ended up, again, first backpacking month – checked off the list and, what is more important, enjoyed fully! :)

Thailand - see you next time!

Budget recap:

Money spent: about 30 000 THB, which can be translated into 560 GBP (~3300 PLN)


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