How to organise life. First steps.

About a year ago, oh let's a year ago, or maybe about 2 years ago even? Who knows. Anyway, I decided to change something. After finishing two faculties of studies, being stuck to the same job for a long time, where I didn't really need to have any education, wanted to jerk my life somehow. I grabbed my boyfriend and after reaching the deadline point, being frustrated enough with daily-routine, we set off to London. Our first stop to accomplish our greater plan, which was and still is - to go for a grand journey, life and unforgettable trip to the very east edge of the Planet Earth. That's metaphor, obviously, but the idea remains. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka,  Indonesia, and whatever else comes, we're gonna get there!


The first thing was toput together enough money to do it, certainly, which seemed to be not very easy at all. But what your country can't give you, you may find in the other one (sic!). So here we are, after almost a year in UK we could continue. But then, unexpectedly, came a notice from Spain - I got in to the Friends of the Earth voluntary programme associated with disseminating environmental awareness and working with renewable energies, within an educational centre etc. Big thing! So I'm going. We're going to postpone our trip, but still gaining some time to prepare ourselves better. Always look for the bright sides ;)

Investing in the future, it's what it is!

That's in a shortcut...but well.. otherwise I would have spent here eternity giving all the tensions away. Short and concise. As a prologue should be fine. Not very clear but fine. Done.


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