Karol Bagh - Lalli Singh

We went to the moto market today, a place called Karol Bagh. We already had one recommendation about it, one of the shop-stalls belonged to Mr. Lalli Singh. It turns out to be a legendary place, recommended by the Lonely Planet guide and with plenty of a good feedback. We had kind of sceptical attitude about it, expecting horrendous prices, used bikes and frenetic Indians running around you. But what a surprise! We were attended with a normal looking, nice guy, who explained us generally how do they work, what the deals and their conditions are etc. and obviously showed us the bikes, or actually the only bike that was close to our description (not being the one that we were, not strictly though, looking for). Awwww! Loads of brilliant bikes and this one: Royal Enfield Classic, looked like the fulfilling of our dreams :) The only 350cc they had, black one, with spoked wheels (!), double siting and all the safety and travelling equipment included, from 2014 and 10000km mileage.
I'll not go through all the details, but is enough to say that we're content and exited! At least a very promising sign. Tomorrow or day after tomorrow we'll gonna have a trial ride and we'll be ready to take off!! Wiiii :)

That's how it all looked like:

Karol Bagh market. Busy..;)
the middle one!^^

other Enfields in the workshop

Two beard'os. Mr Lalli in person :)

Some brief, pic review from today and yesterday:

Yesterday's money exchange. The office in a dodgy nook..

Thai something and a dosa stuffed pancake. Mmm yummy!

Iskcon Krishna Temple:

praying and singing - to be happy
(that's what the sign was saying ;) )

for the cow lovers... <3 haha


No shoes, clean hands and feet before entering as a basis and plenty of gods to choose from, food given away at the foot of a temple. Hare Hare Krishna, hare hare!


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