The great purchase and preparations for the trip

Finally, on Wednesday 
– 3.11. - we finalized the business with Mr Lalli and got our precious bike. We had a trial ride first (J. spotted the fault in the front wheel), so they got it prepared in the workshop, then explained necessary details of its maintenance to J. and, to our surprise, they prayed for us to their gods for our pleasant and safe journey. We've got flowers hanged around the handlebar and they “fed" Ganesha sticked to the front lamp with a tipical indian sweets, for a good omen. Incredible, we were truly surprised about the whole ceremony! Content though. We even participated and wished ourselves adventurous, in a good way, time on a motorbike. So it will!

A brief resume: how to fix an Enfield
Additional gears to our comfort

We came home already after dusk, very excited, with loads of afterthoughts and trying to plan the whole takeoff according to different conditions. We still had a bottle of whisky for David (a friend of Ricky, who was my couchsurfer when I was staying in Ourense) who we met two days after and shared some impressions about Delhi and visions about traveling through India. We've got another option which may be feasible after we'll come back from our 5 months journey across India and popping in to Nepal for the month afterwards (probably) – go for a few weeks moto-ride in Ladakh with him and his friends. Really tempting alternative, but we'll obviously see how it all goes. It's too hard to plan anything so much in advance, but all is worth thinking through!

We did a testing bike-packing with all the equipment we've got, all the tools they provided in the Lalli workshop and had to buy some cover for the backpacks that we're going to have on a rear bagagge rails (a nearby market 's got almost any kind of thing/service one may need). Final purchase included as well: 
a mosquito net, bed cover, extendible holding-straps and a few things from the farmacy-like shop.

Quite ready to go now then!

PS. Once I get the pictures from the celebration - the update is certain


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