Indian Flintstone's in Karnataka?


Right after Vipassana we went to Hampi, a mighty Indian kingdom from XIV-XVIth century back. Huge boulders everywhere were making an impression of taken out from the Flintstone's movie, with slightly different ambient, but still;) Astonishing and mind-blowing scenery attracts loads of tourists to that thereabouts, so it was definitely not one of those slow-paced towns forgotten by the world. Totally opposite, but we couldn't complain. That's where we indulged ourselves with Ayurvedic massage for the first time! Hard but good, I undoubtedly needed it after 10 days of upright sitting in a meditation pose – briefly, my back and legs were in pain. We spent about 5 days in that charming town, eating well and having rewarding strolls every now and then.

Noriaki's work may be found even in far India ;)

We saw the elephant Lakshmi being washed in the river there (she's a local attraction for the visitors), walked along the riverside and amongst rice fields.

The walk ended up finding, unexpectedly, an interesting place run by an Austrian senior couple, for many years now, who after a nice chat invited us for lunch :) Great food and new people we encountered there, wishing to stay a bit longer, but the time recently started to run faster. every time more... I promised myself to come back there in some unforeseeable future and took contact details, just in case. The place is run as a homestay on donation, where you can either help out with the farm (have a bath with oxes! in a nearby pond ;) ) nothing, what's a frequently chosen option apparently. Beautifully located, secluded place, utterly might work for one as a self-retreat or simply peaceful place to stay in.

I made friends with the most charming, sweet and fluffy-fringed ox EVER! <3
(since then I love oxes unceasingly ;) )


Just afterwards we came back to Goa, visiting its southern part this time. Stayed in Agonda for a few days, peaceful (for Goa's common atmosphere) and less touristic than the North is.

yep, that's a free-range horse..

yes, these are cows; laidback, beach cows let's call them :D

We went for the dolphin's watching, with a local guy with his canoe – really nice, and we spotted some dolphins swinging around, even very close, to our excitement ;)

Ahoy adventure!

one of the very few shots that actually got a dolphin in time..;)

We popped out to Palolem for one afternoon where we met with Karo, eventually. This town you can't say the same thing as for Agonda, loads of hustle and touts, so we didn't like it much. We dropped Karo in her yoga-centre where she was staying for the teacher's course, I even had a quick tour around ;) What is more, she enjoyed a bike ride, even if afraid of experiencing speed so directly.;) The day after we spent the whole day back in Agonda,

finally togeda :)

sat on the beach in the evening watching dolphins hunting for their prey, having a dinner. Then we were fortunate enough and stumbled upon some nice concert of local or Nepalese music. We enjoyed it in the shadows of the night that fell already, sitting on the folding sunbeds just by the cozy lights from the restaurant where it took place. Then the time for a farewell with Karo came, sadly, and the next day we set off again, continuing our journey.

Beaches of North Karnataka - here we come! :)

PS. Guys!
It would be great to get some feedback from you, whoever gets through all this..(reads it/follows us I mean..;)) Any comments/response will make us happy(ier)!:) Have you actually had any problems with leaving comments? (I heard that some ppl had it..). Miss you! xx

Ludziska! Byłoby super coś od was usłyszeć, komentarze przeczytamy z radością, tęsknimy!^^


  1. Czytam Was na bieżąco :-) Świetne zdjęcia i cholernie zazdroszczę podróży. Mam nadzieję, że uda się Was gdzieś spotkać po drodze :-)

    BTW. Nati, widzę że nadal nie umiesz siedzieć... ;->

  2. Super, dzięki! Na pewno drogi się w końcu skrzyżują, for sure :)


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