Welcome to one of the most amicable states in India – West Bengal. Don't know if this is equally applicable to every single place within it, but even if I didn't notice much difference Kolkata had it's undeniable, unique ambient. What came to my mind first when getting across it once I arrived was – hectic and „what's going on down here?!”, especially after my 34 hours continuous, lazy journey all the way up through 2 other states (~2000km). Nevertheless the following day we drove a bit through the main centre, still a dense bustle, but a lot to admire too. We visited famous bookstore street spreading along the never ending labyrinth of streets,

had some teas served here in cute, clay cups

and went to somewhat awkward and definitely quaint back street where apparently not many tourists reach (not many people in general) which were a nest of craftsmen manufacturing their art, is to say, big figures of goddesses and gods, mainly. If to come there after dusk might have been truly horrifying, surely not for faint-hearted people. All due to standing everywhere caricatures, not yet finished features, fair numbers of same bold heads lying around or other random physiognomies.. ;) 

That's how those curiosities looked like:

whatever all that is, it enchanted me

...and this as well

Hi Frankie! o/

And here our other strolls along Calcutta's walking paths, odd, interesting and/or very charming places:

DUNLOP - as it stands - workshop

winding staircase

nature always finds its way 

laden; harsh human labor

more FULLY one cannot

incredibly impassable streets...

half-track tram

Victoria Memorial

I'd be very surprised if they ever used it,
but they've got their green-vehicle

really wanted to pose me ;) -
so here he is: A rickshaw driver!

snack station

Very often I felt like if I shifted back in time, to the Victorian times, England's Victorian times... Or that's how for me it could have looked like. All those filthy backs of streets, scruffy kids in their ripped rags and equal adults scrupulously performing their daily duties, business mates tearing some chickens apart right on the street, smell of everything and nothing in particular, corpse incineration units, by Ganga river, busy like on the Christmas day, and if that's not enough cow, dogs, goats doing whatever nature calls them for, right there in the middle of the buzzing city.

All about Calcutta, in a shortcut, very intense, very worth visiting!


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