Time for sum-up! :)

As everything ends up at certain moment, out journey came to its end as well. After 5 months of harsh traveling, cause I can't call it differently ;), we arrived in Delhi in one piece, on a still working fine bike. We had been anticipating it for quite a while, already fairly tired of what India offers you on a daily basis. Those who've been here before, would probably know what I mean. It doesn't obviously signify that I'm discontent with the whole thing. Not at all! It's been just tiring and we really felt like having a good rest ;)

To live up to what I promised I've done some rough summary of the expenses we had during the whole trip and I added up what we paid before setting off as well.
While preparing ourselves for our big trip in Asia we bought some necessary stuff we considered valuable for traveling we were going for. All the gear we bought consisted of: backpacks, gps, trekking shoes, waterproof jacket, head-torches, sleeping bag liners (thin ones), towels, travel-pillow, travel guide+road map, dollars exchange, travel cheques and health insurance and other minor stuff.
All this costed us about: 2550£ (which is tantamount with about 14000 zł) between two of us. 

While in India, I separated costs of daily expenses from what we spent for fuel and moto-service. 
It goes as follows:
  • daily expenses (food, accommodation, treats, toiletries etc.): ~1500£ (~ 8570 zł)
  • fuel: 195£ (~1110 zł)
  • moto-service: 190£ (~ 1080 zł)
Sum-up would be at around: 1885£ on a way + 2550£ before =4435£ (which equals to 25 400 zł for us two).
It's like, if we were spending (for two of us) ~380£/ monthly (~2150zł).

Plus when I went for Vipassana meditation and stayed in Auroville (25 days altogether), I spent about 200£ more, to those calculations above. And also when Jay was heading up to Calcutta, when I was away and while doing kite-surfing in Goa, he spent additional ~300£. So that's how it stands. 
1885£ + 200£ (Nat) + 300£ (Jay) / 5 months 

I was trying to be as much accurate as possible, but it's better to take it as a rough reference. 
Still I think it illustrates fairly good what we needed for this trip, money-wise. I'd like to emphasize that we set ourselves on saving mode before (in London), obviously. As for the time: I was saving for about over a year and Jay ~2 years (he stayed in London, when I was in Spain, last year). But the latter data is not a good reference at all, cause we didn't spend here all we saved, and both of us had different timing in sparing money. 
So broadly, if we wanted to stay here at the same mode - traveling on a bike, we could spend here, time-wise, 20 more months ;)) Although I think that 5 months are enough for now. ;) 

One more note about how we dealt we money we had. We tried to be budget travelers, so the accommodation range of prices oscillated around 100-800 rupees, but the 800 we paid just once. Hence it's significant to say we were normally paying about 300-500 rupees per night (3-5 £ / 17-30 zł), spending most of the money on food (generally), but also all kind of treats like: entrances to monuments/museums/sightseeing sites, on boat trips, massages, necessary items etc. 

NOW, that's how we looked like when managed to get to Dave's apartment in Anand Niketan in N.Delhi:

dirty, dusty and sticky - that's how we felt.. ;>
trudging along regardless the toils of the last kms,
everyday Jay's outlook ;)

And when we went to drop the bike off (and get some money back, too) we got those fab t-shirts from the Lalli Singh's crew for accomplishing our big, over 13500 km's, loop around India on their Royal Enfield Classic 350cc bike :):):)

V.good quality t-shirts with Royal printed at the front and the back,
terrific! :)

Yep. Tomorrow (14.05) we've got our flight to Bangkok, in the late afternoon, which we expect with a lot of impatience and good feelings about. Looking forward to new experiences and traveling in slightly more tidied up (at least visually) and, hopefully, more relaxed, travelers-friendly country. 

Our Indian visa expires on the 16th, so just about time to leave.:)


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