Historical city, UNESCO site, that was being seized from hands to hands of oversea's oppressors back in the past. It was under Portuguese, Dutch, British and Straits Chinese colonization over many centuries, retrieving its independence about half a century ago.

We got there very late, close to midnight, but luckily, after sharing a taxi to the old town with a French couple;), we found a nice guest house – still open and happy to have us there. The first night was tough though, cause it was hellishly hot, even though we took beds beside windows (thinking: “the best ones!” - in the dormitory for the first time in our 7 months trip (yeah, it's been that long now! :D ). No air movement whatsoever and fans not reaching that far (probably set, by default, to mix remaining, indoor air over heads which can't have it from the widely open windows - *bullshit*), not to mention mosquitoes commonly pissing us off. Anyways, we got through it and the following morning moved promptly to the proper dbl-bedroom. The guest house had its own kitchen for our disposal, washing machine and free bikes, that we didn't mind using at all. In Melaka we stayed a week, chilling out pretty much. Having pleasant bike-rides to the Chinese cemetery-park, very nice and awkward, exactly as I like it ;) Nice food in out favorite Vegetarian Chinese restaurant where one pays whatever the lady at the counter tells him/her to pay after peeping into your plate (a buffet type one) ;) Still cheap and so delicious! Yumm yumm^^

remnants of the Christian church, raised by Dutch
somewhere around XVI century
holy skull

eclectic layout, so common here in SE Asia

the remains of the city walls,
here, one of the gates

For us - good food and nice coffees once again ;) 

coffee shops...

river 'canal' side

the most odd outfit for a mean of transport
such as rickshaw we've seen so far...
I'd curl up and die ashamed:D
this one surely wouldn't get too far...

Dutch everywhere, even their
long forgotten corpses are still here ;)

In the guest house:

The river walks: 

Where would I go if not there...: 

Bukit Cina Cemetery - my best shot in Melaka^^
kicking back in the cemetery, hihi
more of the Chinese Cemetery 

charming indeed, isn't it?

The old town itself was pretty condensed and confined, so all in walkable distance. But we usually went for a bike ride due to the scorching weather. We found it surprisingly enjoying to eat Indian food again, after finding an Indian hub there in Melaka. Apparently they've got their Little India and China Town in every bigger, Malaysian city, hehe. We spent lot of time on sorting our stuff out in the Internet that we left stranded lately, some overdue work, e-mails, news, blog...etc.;) So when the sun was up high we were usually comfortably stretched out on the bed in our room, sinking into the virtual world and reappearing on the street again closer to the dinner time, around 6pm that is. 
Nice times!

The last day, before setting off to Singapore, which was about to be our last stop before leaving to Indonesia, we realized what we didn't sorted out and rushed to make up for backlog;) It's so much like us, ehh... We left USD exchange for Singapore at the end and have our flight tickets printed off, and then were finally ready to go!

Money recap:

About 1000 ringgit, which is very easy to translate from Polish złoty's cause the conversion rate is 1:1, give or take.
Plus another 2000 for our diving courses (so 1000 ringgit each)

Altogether for 3 weeks: 3000 ringgit = 3000 PLN = 170 GBP. For two of us.


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