Sailing, sailing off!

So.. yeah, I decided to let go of the sequentially kept order on the blog, despite the fact that I really wanted to stay consistent, succeeding so far... Nonetheless I don't know when we're gonna have Internet available again and how it is all going to look like. Therefore - the latest news are:

1. We are moving on a boat today! Wooohaaa :) :) :)

2. The boat is a HUUUUGE and beautiful catamaran called "La Medianoche" (The Midnight): 

3. There's going to be 4 of us: skipper Mareike, Fabi (a guy who sailed with her before), Jay and me :)

4. Still on Bali, we'll be preparing our new home, La Medianoche, for the next few days already staying aboard, to sail off thereafter. There'll be 2 crossings taking about 4-5 days each, without setting foot on the land while getting from one point to another. 
None of us have done anything like that before, although J. has a lot more experience than me, sailing whenever it was possible. 

It has been sailed by Mareike - a German lady-sailor from Hamburg, who spent the last 30 years sailing, always dreaming of crossing the Pacific. So she did, but having done that she decided to go around the world at one go. Why not ! ;-) 
She's been sailing on La Medianoche for the last...3 years! It's been her home, no doubts. It's thus so amazing she accepted to have us onboard. All through where we were registered, looking for some sailing opportunities (having it in mind from the beginning of our trip).

You can track the route we're going to take, which goes as follows: 

Bali -> Christmas Island -> Coconut Keeling 
(both latter ones being the Australian islands). We've got our three month e-visas (really straightforward and prompt issuance) so we're ready to go ;)

Where you can also see how Mareike's journey looked like hitherto and how much of our globe she 's covered already! Impressive and so amazing, such an adventure!

We can't wait to have the boat rigged and ready to leave the anchorage in Bali. So little left, we are more than excited - you can imagine...... !!!

It's unbelievable how everything sorts out at the right moment! We wanted to travel on a motorbike, backpacking (public transport), on scooters; we wanted to stay in Ashram, take part in different eco-projects and stay in Auroville - as main principles. We also wanted to hitch a boat, but it was always deeply burrowed in our minds thinking "it's not gonna be that easy though...", as we're are two not one, and I don't have much experience. But look at that! It's even more we could have imagined and ever expected!

That's the page for paid visitors that are normally on the board of our catamaran:, (pretty costly entertainment though...)

AHOY! :)


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