Desk DIY - putting together and finishing off!

So Jay works in a company - furniture producer and distributor. Therefore, he's got possibility for taking scraps, finishing them off at the spot and taking them back home, every now and then. 

Now, he bought back 3 solid boards of oak's wood for building a desk that we were short of in our room. A week or so ago we glued parts together with a special adhesive for wood and cut the parts, so they fit in the room as desired

Further work was done thereafter:

sanding first

veeeeery diligently

then oiling the wood to preserve it well

(I worked as well but it was only me taking pictures so..)

and after the oil soaked in...

we signed our masterpiece up..
... so that they know who made it! :D

multi-funcional furniture - a desk and a kennel in one :P

Very rewarding, useful and well looking (don't you think?) and, above all, self made sturdy, solid desk! :)


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