Frampton on Severn - our new home for the time-being :)

Frampton on Severn - a place chosen rather by coincidence than a thought-through decision. For the moment, no-one complaints though ;)


Here more about the village!

How did we come up with an idea of coming here..? Well, I saw one of Jay's friends "liking" one of our pictures on facebook, of course, at the moment of the greatest doubts and internal-voice saying we have to move on, move together in the first place. Anywhere at all. The guy, Dyzio, was living in Gloucester - small city at the brink of England and Wales, let's say, in the south-west England.

My strivings to settle down in Sweden happened to be unsuccessful at that time, so I convinced Jay to get in touch with his old friend and simply 'ask around'. London seemed to be a far inconvenient place to be or move back to, so we agreed upon moving to the countryside if such opportunity arose. 

And here it was. They were looking for people to work with wood, and within a few days Jay was there to speak to the decisive person about his new job! 

I was definitely taken aback on how quickly and smoothly things have changed for us. I quit my job in Gdańsk not long after, so did Jay in London. 

As for my future in England, I had only clear that I needed a rest after 9 months of work for an IT corporation in Poland that basically gave a me a broader look at what I wouldn't like to do in my life ;) Lesson learned. I also negotiated better money I was earning online with the German customer I work for until now. So all seemed sorted. 

Oh, Frampton, yeah - why here? Eventually, after a few attempts of finding a studio-flat or 1-bed/flat/apartment, and all of them being unfurnished along with high additional, agency fees, we decided that for a good start we'll go for a room.

I agreed to the one Jay viewed during his 1-day visit from London, sight unseen, assured that I 'd love here. So here it was - on the countryside as we wished.:)

Nobody resents or sleeps unrest, it is just stunning around here!




Walk along the River Severn, just behind the house. Sunday afternoon.

beach & cliffs!

through the fields...;)

 and through the forest...

I won't be posting every walk we have, neither every second ;) hopefully will manage to update the more interesting ventures every now and then!

Keep abreast, peace <3


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