More selfmade goodies, yumm :)

There you go, I decided I want those blinding beeswax wraps. What are they? 

A natural alternative to plastic wrap/cling foil for food storage, so cloths/fabric covered with beeswax for their adherence and usability when wrapping food and keep it fresh.

I also wanted to make them myself, thus I talked two friends into DIY 'workshop' at Gina's (one of them) house, we used the recipe you can find here (in PL):

... and that is how it came out :) 


grate the beeswax first..diligently ;)

cutting the cloth which is to become a beeswax
wrap soon

having all the edges straighten up first...

spreading the grated beeswax on top of the cloth,

ironing thru the baking paper placed on the cloth
with the beeswax

Gina making another one^^

 And that's how it looks like as a final product :o) 

It sticks to itself and holds things in quite well, cool stuff!

What we made was enough only for 1 beeswax wrap each, but I am sure we, or at least me, will make more - as it definitely does the job!

Stay tuned! 


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