Small steps towards mindfulness and zero-waste'ness :)

I haven't actually had in mind or intended to transparently disclose what we do every single minute ;) but I thought it might get useful even for us to have certain things summed up and brought together in such a place like this, accessible and handy.

There are some principles we try to follow in our every day's life, hoping for them to bolster up and engrain for good. So a few things we are into:

- being more mindful about the surrounding environment
- making reasonable and aware choices
- producing less waste
- being productive in a way that what we do should rather enrich than exploit

among a lot of other things, like a wish to become waste-free and sustainable, if not fully then to farthest extent possible.

Anyways, lately we did a few new purchases, apart from making our desk from scrap. Bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal bristles:

cool-looking and compostable!

They are affordable and really do the job. I bought them here:

Jay made a laptop board at work from leftover chunks of wood :) >>

I planted some seedlings waiting for them to be transplanted in a couple of weeks, hopefully:

the biggest ones are courgettes :)

tiny ones is kale
I do not recommend the little cardboard seedlings trays though, because they make the soil dry out really quickly and there is not enough of it in every hole to retain any moist whatsoever. I will have to compost it I guess.

We also made a delicious, wholegrain bread lately, which will become a routine we hope ;)

The flours used were purchased in the mill (Shipton Mill) which is here, in Frampton, just round the corner, both organic and so was the yeast used (and gluten-free). Eco-newage-combo :P

Anyways, I am also preparing myself to make beeswax wraps as a reusable alternative to cling foil which is, obviously, disposable. It is just so easy to do-it-yourself! ^^

BTW. I eagerly encourage to peep into the which has got a lot of useful stuff posted there by Julia, who seems to be a positively eco-cracked fellow :) DIY and handy hints for every day's, more sustainable lifestyle. (for Polish speakers only sadly)

I just stumbled upon that video and thought it may inspire you guys a bit more. So it did for me to write that post actually :)

Enjoy! ^_^


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