Getting ready for the next motorbike trip!

This Saturday (the 8th of July) we are setting off to Spain (Basque Country to be precise), where will be traveling for the next 2 weeks. We've got our tickets for the ferry: Newhaven to Dieppe in France:

And that's probably...the only thing we know for sure with regard to our upcoming trip, basically ;) And that the ferry back is on the 23rd evening ;)

Last Saturday we packed all our stuff we are thinking of having on us during the travel and on Sunday tested the packing it all up and riding, both of us, on our Kawasaki W650 while going all the way to Wales and taking a different route to go back. 

That's all we had packed: 

Nevertheless, we were still missing two mattresses back then, which had been shipped from Poland (arrived on Mon). They are v.compressed indeed, space-wise: Fjord Nansen TREKKER. We also gave up on taking two camping gas bottles. Otherwise it's all we are thinking to have for those 2 weeks in northern Spain :) Fingers crossed!


- tent (Coleman Darwin 2)
- 2 air-mattresses
- 1 bed linen + 1 regular sleeping bag
- 2 waterproof jackets
- 2 microfiber towels
- 3-4 pieces of underwear each + swimming shorts/bikini
- 3 pairs of socks each
- 3 t-shirts each
- 3 pairs of shorts
- thermal underwear
- 1 flip-flops
- 1 jumper each
- multi-tool set
- camera
- 1 charger + USB cable
- cooking set (3 pans/pots + 2 cups + 1 foldable silicon-bowl + 2 sets of camping cutlery)
- head-torch
- road map for northern Spain
- 1 gas bottle
- 2 foldable/collapsible Oxfam bottles
- 1 soap + 2 little bottles with shampoo&conditioner
- 2 toothbrushes + toothpaste
- 1 suncream bottle (200ml) - Aloe Pura Organic SPF 50
- 2 money bum-busg
+ some minor items I can't now recall ;)

short break for sightseeing,
Tintern Abbey

So well, we survived India - why then shouldn't we Spain! 

We can't wait for the next adventure to begin :)))) x


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