India - almost there

Three days to go.

Preparations accomplished, bags/backpacks almost done, equipment wrapped, packed and ready to take off.

Ps. Pedrak is out of the country having fun in London, last minute. Maybe not the best moment to be off, but hope to see him on Sunday in the late morning. What awaits us is a quick review, last getting through India-must-do and rush for the farewell of ours and my birthday party (coincidentally we can celebrate those 2 festivities together ^^) and well... that's it for now, here in Poland..

Monday - heading for our shelter in Warsaw, peacefully located in a friend's house.
Tuesday - hectic morning (expected) and flight to Doha (Qatar) and later on, after the transfer, directly to New Delhi where we gonna put our first steps at 3 o'clock at night. Fab.
Wednesday - Delhi here we come! :)


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