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My Vipassana experience - 2nd time.

Brain enema. Mind decluttering. Brain detox. These and more elaborate are the definitions given by teachers of Vipassana meditation technique I decided to give myself in again, for the 2nd time.

10 days in complete silence, without or at least with a very limited human contact of any kind, with absolutely nothing to distract from looking inward: no reading or writing, no physical exercise - except from one > sitting 10-11hs a day and meditating. I took up the challenge again.

Vipassana is a meditation technique, which is not simply about gathering up your mind, focusing and concentrating it. It is so much more! The principles are non-sectarian and not associated with any philosophy, therefore - utterly universal. What one is focusing on - for some for the first time in their lifes - is the reality, the present moment, as it is. As it is, not as one wants it to be. Purifying one’s mind by constant and very scrupulous observation of the breath and sensations in the body, arising and pa…

Copenhagen (August)

This time I decided to visit another on my list, and the 3rd one now, country of Scandinavia. I haven't been to Denmark so far, so it was a great opportunity when decided with a friend, Carmen, to meet right there after a loooong time of not having seen each other. In Copenhagen my good and dear friend had been living for the past 4 years now,so I seized a chance to visit him as well. He was happy to host us two during our stay, so we happened to be v.lucky in this rather expensive (otherwise) capital city.
Raffa, whom I met some years ago in London, when we bot lived there, worked with me in a busy restaurant in Soho - central London. I personally do not associate any warm feelings or remembrances with that place, so it's not worth mentioning any further. ;) Luckily though I got to meet my Spanish friends there, that's the plus at least. Thence in Copenhagen he was very happy to show us around the city and spend time venturing out together. Lucky me/us! :)

We then visite…

Basque Country - inland / hilly landscapes

Further on we went. From the seashore we headed inland where a few nice spots awaited us. Every day was brining some new curiosities. From the shore, Gaztelugatxe, we went along the coast down to Bakio to have a coffee and to take a shower on the beach ;) Very refreshing one indeed, as it wasn't too sunny.  Later the same morning we headed towards Burgos, going round Bilbao, to the Nervión waterfall (es)- the biggest waterfall on the Iberian Peninsula, with a single drop of 222 m! Very impressive it was, indeed, although at that time of dry season there was no water at all, to our surprise ;)  Nevertheless the river's canyon itself was just breath-taking and was making you think about the earth's magnitude and grand self-creation forces. 
On the way...

After dismounting the motorbike and a short visit in the visitors centre we took a long, a few kilometers stroll to reach the Nervión waterfall as a furthermost point, the walk's destination.

After the Nervión waterfal…