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The Basque Country - the coast.

It eventually happened. We set off on the 8th, Saturday, very early in the morning - around 4 am, to get on the ferry in Newhaven's port at 9am. From there we go straight to Dieppe in France.
First day went pretty smooth although we found out that highways in France are horrendously expensive, even for the motorbikes. We got near Le Mans, known for its car races: 

First night and tent's set up:

Sunday (9/07) morning we met an English girl with her friend and a dog, called Aritz, who was heading the same direction as us so, luckily, he agreed to take the backpack I was having on me to her van. We worked out the place of our destination to pick it up and spend the night and set off for...the worst day until the very end of our journey (the latter I'll keep it secret for now). We could check off everything worst that could have happened, almost, except from having an accident. Luckily after all. We were soaked wet after heavy rains somewhere in the central France, we lost the…

Getting ready for the next motorbike trip!

This Saturday (the 8th of July) we are setting off to Spain (Basque Country to be precise), where will be traveling for the next 2 weeks. We've got our tickets for the ferry: Newhaven to Dieppe in France:

And that's probably...the only thing we know for sure with regard to our upcoming trip, basically ;) And that the ferry back is on the 23rd evening ;)
Last Saturday we packed all our stuff we are thinking of having on us during the travel and on Sunday tested the packing it all up and riding, both of us, on our Kawasaki W650 while going all the way to Wales and taking a different route to go back. 
That's all we had packed: 

Nevertheless, we were still missing two mattresses back then, which had been shipped from Poland (arrived on Mon). They are v.compressed indeed, space-wise: Fjord Nansen TREKKER. We also gave up on taking two camping gas bottles. Otherwise it's all we are thinking to have for those 2 weeks in northern Spain :) Fingers crossed!


- tent …

Saga - my little dear fur-baby :)

SAGA. The dog.

Name - derived from the old Scandinavian word expressing a "tale, story", usually associated with mythology and stories about Vikings' voyages. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with tea, and my alleged uttermost love for it, as some have suggested. :P

Rescued from a dog shelter, in Gdańsk (Promyk) in January, the 21st. Must be around 8-10 y.o. according to the people in the dog shelter and the vet I consulted afterwards.
When I first saw her on the shelter's website that's what I saw:
a bit scared, scruffy little black thing.
Something drew me to look the website up, I was lingering such a long time with getting a dog, so I must have thought: When, if not now?
Then I saw her behind the bars, in -8C cold, and went for our first walk together. It probably wasn't the most enjoyable morning she had, as it was quite windy and the freezing cold was getting into the bones. Her little paws were so cold that s…