Happy travels - Exmoor's coast!

For a long weekend, here: 27-29.05, we went to the Exmoor National Park, in north Devon:

On the way, we gave a lift to the friend's family to the Bristol airport and carried on towards the seaside. After in 2/3s of the way we gave up and took a 'quick' 3 hours nap, for it was 6am :D 

Breakfast on the hill's slope:

First place visited - Woody Bay (right past the Lee Abbey Devon):

(Yeah, I learned how to embed a map directly, woohoo ;) )

Right, so we just spent an afternoon there, as it started raining at some point. Although it was a rocky-beach, rather shallow waters for quite a distance from the shore, still v. pleasant and, most importantly for us at the time, dog-friendly :)



In search for the place to settle overnight we found this beach, at Hele Bay, where we decided to stay on a view point with car park and in the morning went for a nice walk on and around the hill on which there's one of the earliest country leisure trails in England:

Right on the beach, nice one!

From the nature trail on the hill:

Ilfracombe afar

Then we headed further to the adjacent town - Ilfracombe, which is meant to be one of the most touristic down there (or so it seemed at least):

Very picturesque, but also fairly crowded, so we stayed just a couple of hours (it was hard to find a parking place at all, not to mention a free one):

marina at low tide

One of the peculiarities - a stainless steel and bronze statue "Verity", an embodiment (indeed..) of the artist's work. Depicting a pregnant woman holding a sword and carrying the scales of justice while standing on a pile of law books. Anyways... quite harsh and odd, but interesting.

factorized into bits

around the town and less touristic, thankfully


Heading back home, at late afternoon, a great fog came down on us. A short movie from the way back  >>

And that's how the weekend came to an end, but surely there are more to come. North Devon's/Exmoor's coast highly recommended! :)


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